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Ozbros Engineering Represent leading companies from Germany and Turkey, provides Welding Solutions, Cutting Solution and Sheet Metal Forming Solutions MORE INFORMATION SOLUTION PARTNER IN WELDING TECHNOLOGIES, CUTTING, BENDING, METAL FORMING IN THE UK AND EUROPE





OZBROS ENGINEERING LTD offers customised solutions for serial production to the automotive industry to satisfy the increasing demand for technology and digitalisation requirements in welding, cutting, automation and metal forming solutions.



Ozbros offers all the assembly and body assembly technologies needed by the railway industry to its customers.


Ozbros Engineering LTD knows and understands the Defence Industry’s requirements for specialised material fabrication, high-level Automation, and extensive quality requirements. Ozbros Engineering Ltd delivers an extensive back-ground in Automation and Mechanical Engineering and our comprehensive Welding Engineering skills. 

heavyduty vehicles
Heavy Duty Vehicle

Ozbros Engineering LTD and partners have extensive experience in various solutions in welding, cutting, positioning and metal forming of construction machines. As we can provide standardised solutions in welding and cutting technologies, we can also provide very advanced and heavy-duty solutions to our customers.


 Ozbros Engineering LTD provides high-quality welding, cutting, forming, and bending solutions to satisfy various construction industry branches, such as construction beams, bridges and shipyard manufacturers. Our CNC Metal Working Solution will be an excellent solution for Punching, Drilling, and Laser Plasma Applications, widely used in the Construction Industry. 


Ozbros Engineering LTD has extensive experience in providing welding and roller bed solutions from Oil&Gas to Onshore and Offshore Industry. Ozbros Engineering Ltd provides narrow welding technologies and many other specialised solutions with Haane Welding Systems and Graebener Maschinentechnik.


Ozbros Engineering Ltd provides Welding, Cutting and Metal Forming Solutions to Shipyards, Robotic, Gantry, C&B and various automation solutions in welding technologies. Ozbros Engineering LTD provides specific solutions in Panel Production, with Hybrid Welding Systems, Micro Panel Production Systems with gantry robotic welding solutions, Edge Plate Milling and various Automation Solutions.

Oil And Gas

Ozbros Engineering LTD provides welding, cutting, forming and bending solutions to the oil and gas industry. Ozbros Engineering Ltd has experienced in Welding of Inconel Materials, Cladding Processes, Laser Tracking Application with our partner design and manufacturing companies. 

Tubes and Pipes

Ozbros Engineering LTD provides innovative turn-key production systems for line pipe production, offshore pipe production, double joint welding lines, helical spiral seam and steel pipe production lines. Thanks to our extensive experienced in circular products, we provide the most extensive cutting and SAW Welding Solutions with Haane Welding Systems from Germany.

Pressure Vessels

Ozbros Engineering LTD provides Plate Bending, Edge Milling, C&B, C&B platform application and many bespoke solutions to satisfy the Pressure Vessels Manufacturing Industry. Ozbros Engineering LTD evaluates and analyse all challenges separately and provide the most effective solutions to the Pressure vessel Industry.