About Haane Welding Solutions and Ozbros Engineering

As Ozbros Engineering, we represent HAANE welding systems exclusively in the UK and Turkey. In addition to that, we represent HAANE welding systems for specific key accounts. Thanks to our trained service partners and team in Turkey and the UK, we can support our customers.

As HAANE welding systems, our goal is to develop welding systems to increase productivity, ensure high deposition rate and desired quality and decrease the non-arc time for customers. We have been integrating many different innovative solutions in Offshore, Oil&Gas, Mobility and similar heavy Industry companies for 60 years.

HAANE welding systems have extensive experience in automation of SAW, MIG, TIG welding systems. Please find our related catalogues in the attachment. We are the leading system provider in Monopile Production Systems and we have a lot of experience in specialize welding systems for offshore and pipe industry.

For pictures and more information, please click on the link of Haane Welding Systems.